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Dirty Blond (286 members)

Seeking Blond Haired Lover (248 members)

Platinum Blond (213 members)

Blond Highlights (211 members)

Dark Blond (204 members)

Ash Blond (199 members)

Honey Blond (172 members)

Light Blond (167 members)

Natural Blond (158 members)

Blond Roots (149 members)

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  • 03linbet
  • 18 years old
  • Andersfors, Sweden
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  • tjh41
  • Looking for some fun
  • I love blondes I am a single white guy 47 and I have always been attracted to blondes! Would love to meet one!
  • 47 years old
  • Waterloo, IA, USA
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  • securityz
  • Blonde stereotype is nothing more than a stereotyp
  • I don't believe in stereotyping people - it's bad idea, but blond people are still very pretty.
  • 29 years old
  • Oslo, Norway
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  • dmac369
  • Not your typical blonde
  • I'm not your typical blonde that for sure, although I'm becoming more grey than blonde now a days. Looking for that someone special who will like to spend some quiet nights in as well as being outdoors.
  • 47 years old
  • Largo, FL, USA
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  • skyface
  • My Buddy partner
  • 42 years old
  • Sterling, VA, USA
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  • jm350
  • 53 years old
  • Cortland, OH, USA
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  • yournewgift
  • BLONDE BALDNESS I joined this site because I am physically attractive to sexy interracial seeking blondes who are seeking a certain type of quality black man such as my self: i just love the way blondes look and how they stand out because of their hair, I do not have a blonde fetish but I guess this is a great place get on started, i dont believe in the myths that blondes are dumb and i do not kno...
  • 58 years old
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
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  • hossdelgado
  • keep swimming Just looking
  • 41 years old
  • San Diego, CA, USA
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  • acunudend
  • Blonde and proud of it. Being blonde is just HOT and atractive.
  • 52 years old
  • Gilbert, AZ, USA
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  • mhrahman
  • Like Like
  • 46 years old
  • Barcelona, Spain
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