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Dirty Blond (286 members)

Seeking Blond Haired Lover (248 members)

Platinum Blond (213 members)

Blond Highlights (211 members)

Dark Blond (204 members)

Ash Blond (199 members)

Honey Blond (172 members)

Light Blond (167 members)

Natural Blond (158 members)

Blond Roots (149 members)

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  • kir0s
  • 25 years old
  • Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of
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  • aedeellendeh
  • 36 years old
  • Deurne, Belgium
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  • eriewarrior
  • 59 years old
  • Erie, PA, USA
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  • rebekah1213
  • Blond seeking blond I am into writing, cooking, baking, movies, music, cuddling. . . I would love a blond guy with blue eyes. There is something about a blonde man with piercing blue eyes that makes me go crazy. It is a weakness of mine. The truth is it's really just icing on the cake and I can eat my cake without icing if I have to. I have never actually dated a blonde. I had relationships,...
  • 36 years old
  • North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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  • goldensunbird
  • Dumb as a Fox about YOU?? You know, they say that blondes are "dumb"...but most men consider a blonde woman to be "soft" and "angelic"...unlike brunettes. I've always be "attracted" to blond men...I guess because of the Swedish influence in my family...whatever. I think we'd look like a "charming" couple...what do YOU think?
  • 65 years old
  • Orange, CA, USA
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  • sunnyorg
  • big guy who adores blondes
  • 49 years old
  • Split, Croatia
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  • kalamazoojoe
  • Interested in a long term relationship. Even though Blonds have been stereotyped as being dumb, I believe that blonds are very sexy and quite intelligent woman.
  • 67 years old
  • Bronx, NY, USA
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  • mhr7687
  • Like Like
  • 46 years old
  • Barcelona, Spain
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  • jheath10201
  • 36 years old
  • Maineville, OH, USA
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  • hotabhi
  • 27 years old
  • Vaisakhapattanam, India
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